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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tornadoes in the South

This past Tuesday we heard that there would be bad storms and possibly tornadoes in our area. We didn't really think that there would be tornadoes just some bad storms. But on Wednesday 3 rounds of tornadoes hit in our town and many towns around us. The first was in the morning around 6 or 7 ( we didn't know there was because we slept through it. Well, the second round was scheduled to come at two or three o'clock but we really didn't think there would be one because the sun came out and it looked like a normal spring day. Again we were wrong. Around 2:15 the sky started getting dark-fast and the wind was blowing really hard. So my family (except dad) crammed into a closet because we don't have a basement. Right after we got in (I don't mine telling y'all that I was really freaking out) it started hailing outside and then there was a huge crash of thunder. Thankfully we did not have a tornado around our house we think it was just
straight winds. Mama went to look out of the closet and then came back in and told us there was a tree laying on our deck and she didn't want us to come out because she thought it might fall through the roof. Well, our neighbor came over and checked on us because he knew that the tree had hit the house . That big sound of thunder we think must have been the tree falling. We are so thankful to God that no one got hurt in our family. Daddy came home right after that and everyone felt a lot better. We thought that the tornadoes were over. At that time we still had power so we looked on the computer and our weather man said we still had one more round. So at about 8:00 we headed to the closet again but it only hailed and was very windy on our side of town the southern part of town was not like that it had at least 2 tornadoes touch down where my grandmas house was destroyed. Please pray for my grandma on my mothers side. Her whole house was lifted from her foundation and thrown on its side. Thankfully she was not there (my aunt came to get her just a hour before)but her whole house is gone. She had been renting the house for many years and lost all of her belongings. On Friday mid afternoon the power came back on and some people from local churches helped us clear away the tree. Today Habitat for Humanity came to help us. The pictures below are of the tree that uprooted in our neighbors backyard.

Also pray for the family with 13 children who lost a husband and dad because of the tornado in Alabama. You can read the story HERE. As far as I know 9 people have died in our town.

Please pray for the areas that were affected by these storms in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.


Lynda said...

I am so sorry that you all have a tree on your deck but am praising God that HE kept if from landing on the roof and on any of you! One thing about storms is they show the mighty, awesome power our God possesses!

Grace Elizabeth said...

That is awful! We are praying for you!

Sharon said...

Happened upon your blog today- what a lovely place Morgan. I hope to return often and see what God is doing in your life.
So glad to know that God protected you in the storms. We have hurricanes here and it can be rather scary.
I loved your post in January about the song 'This is My Father's World.' Thanks you for sharing the story behind it. I do love that song (I posted about it last November) but did not know the story behind it or that it had so many stanzas. Thank you Morgan.


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